Friday, June 10, 2005

Where Is The Air Filter?

There is an air filter on every engine and it needs cleaning more than once a year. .. sometimes more than twice a year. Its the easiest part of engine up-keep there is ! Look for the filter to be attached to the carburetor. There are usually screw(s) holding the cover on. Newer Briggs engines on riding mowers even have fancy little hinges that flip up to let the filter come out. Walk mower engines usually have a screw.

Take the cover off the filter and get the filter out. This is a good time to clean out the inside of the case. Take care not to knock dirt down into the carburetor. If the filter is made of paper the only cleaning you are able to do is to tap it and knock a little dust out of it. It might not look obviously dirty but if you can't hold it up to sunlight and see light through it ...... it is time for a replacement. They really aren't very expensive. Consider buying two or three when you get one so you'll have a spare for the next time.

Your filter may be a foam block or a foam wrap over a paper cartridge. The foam should be washed in hot, soapy water and dried well. After dry apply a little motor oil to it (clean, fresh oil). Saturate it enough to make your fingers slightly greasy. Then reinstall the cartridge. Make sure you get it back in the channel in the case that is supposed to sit into. Some engines have a method of holding the filter down and in position in addition to the cover scews. Kohler engines may even use a piece of rubber hose pushed down on the threads to hold it in place. NO FILTER MAY BE FLOPPY !!!

If you keep your oil and air filter maintained properly your SNAPPER mower will be with you a very long time. Non-maintenance of these items results in

  • Carburetor Problems
  • Excessive Oil Use
  • Early Deaths of Good Engines


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