Wednesday, May 25, 2005

The Need To Grease A Rear Engine Rider

The answer to this one is..... don't do it too much and don't use the wrong kind of grease. Here's the rule. Check the grease level first. Close the gas cap vent and stand the rider on it's rear end. Pull the lower black plastic plug out of the gear box (on the left as you are looking at it now) and make sure the grease is to the level of this hole. If it isn't..... pull the top plug and fill it with Snapper grease from the top hole until the level reaches the bottom hole. Leave the center case alone. Use Snapper grease, not an imposter or "gear lube". Snapper grease is 140 weight which is thick. If "90 weight" gear lube is used it will run out of the transmission cases and cause the clutch to slip. Overfilling with grease, even the right kind will also cause the clutch to slip. Don't forget to open your gas cap vent.


At 3:09 AM, Anonymous Ed Townsend said...

I bought a nice 42" cut mower. The axle boots are both broken. After replacing I will re-fill as explained. Anything else I should know? Here is the link on how to replace the boots that I plan to follow.


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